I don’t like titles

I am terrible at this. I only just remembered this blog a couple minutes ago and with a rather potent hurricane about, I’ve been forced indoors far longer than is preferable. So what to write about? I could just type whatever thought that comes in my head. That sounds lovely. So I shall commence.

I’m bored. I don’t like doing nothing for this long. I’m watching Doctor Who on Amazon and trying to entertain myself. I thought about starting a second blog that would take on the form of a narrative about a girl named Tara and her interest in Bryce Avary. However, a trusted friend dissuaded me from the idea, stating a personal preference. What other thoughts plague my mind? I tried to do a stream of consciousness in a notebook, but I write too slowly to think onto a page. So I’ve turned to a keyboard. Also, I tried to figure out why I’m here. Turns out, you cannot discover your purpose for existence in half and hour of writing down whatever comes across your mind. So I’ve been considering why people try it. I think it points out what is important to people. They reread it and find important things coming up either very specifically, or more frequently than not. My particular attempt featured two topics of significance. My purpose for living, which I’ve yet to discover, and one of my best friends. I’ve been thinking of her a lot lately. I’ll have to figure that out, I believe. That’s all I’ve to say for now, so have a good day, my friends.


Internet’s back, guys.

Comcast finally fixed my internet connection. I am grateful but feel guilty. Blogathon is dead. I have failed. I apparently cannot commit to anything. Therefore, I am not going to continue pressuring myself to stick to this. If I feel like writing again, I shall write. If I do not feel like writing again, I won’t. That is all I have to say for now. Who knows what the future holds for me or you? I cannot tell, but shall it be grand?


It shall.

Internet woes

Woe is me, for my internet is dead.

This not-having-internet thing is a really bother. A lot of my life is spent on the Internet, and so I have lost a lot of my life. #blogathon is struggling. I’m not up-to-date on practically any of the topics I usually keep up with. Also, I have tons of free time with nothing to fill up the monotony. I wish I could entertain myself outside of the internet but somehow, I have lost that ability.

So, I pass the days away by strumming a ukulele, doing yard work, and thinking about stuff. I’m really good about thinking about stuff. Other than that, I have nothing to do. It’s incredibly frustrating to have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing. Help.

Learning to Play the Ukulele

I’ve been learning to play the ukulele for one year now. I haven’t gotten very far, but I keep trying. I think it’s a worthy skill to learn, but I’m not sure why. I’m not particularly talented, and it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever be amazing or even make or produce music.

I’ve been thinking about why I do the things I do often. I’ve been learning about a lot of random topics online, including video editing, digital media, audio production, and music theory. I might just be bored, but I also want to use the things I’m learning. I don’t know how to go about that. I’m not sure what to invest in, so that I may be productive and practice things I’m interested in. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to contact me. I’m open to anything, as long as it’s interesting.

BadChristian Media

In my last post, I mentioned the BadChristian Podcast, a podcast produced by Matt Carter and Toby Morell, members of the band of Emery. Joey Svendsen, a pastor and close friend of Matt and Toby, is also a host of the show.

The podcast is not all that BadChristian produces. The BadChristian company is connected to many different creative projects including other podcasts, music production, books, and merchandise. The media company was started to pursue quality Christian music, a rarity in today’s culture, as well as inspiring authentic and open conversations among people, an even more rare phenomenon.

BadChristian matters because it challenges its supporters. Their media frequently oversteps the bounds of what is typically acceptable by society’s standards. It encourages Christians to be open about what’s fucked up in their lives, because no one has their life together and we need to stop pretending we do. Everyone sees through that performance, and it just makes people look stupid.

On more than one occasion, BadChristian changed my mind about a belief I had held closely for my entire life. It has made me analyze what I think about everything from God to church culture to homosexuality to profanity. I have been introduced to dozens of different opinions on dozens of different issues, and I think that’s amazing and important in this day and age.

Everyday, I want to work to keep an open mind and fluid perspective on my life and the people around me. I suggest everyone else do the same. Stay curious.

My First Concert

So I missed a couple days because my internet quite inconveniently is down for two weeks. I’m going to post write a couple of posts for the days I’ve missed.

I wanted to share about a concert I’m going to in September. On September 14th, I’m going to be driving to New Orleans for my first concert. It’s kind of a big deal because it’s my favorite band, Emery. If you enjoy good music, you should probably check out this band. I think their genre is post hardcore, but in truth, I don’t care about music genres because good music is good music.

When you box a band off into a specific genre, you restrict what kind of music they’re able to produce. Once they get stuck, they can’t grow as musicians and must make the same type of music or risk losing their listeners. That kind of atmosphere does not breed quality, inspired music.

The members of the band also created the BadChristian podcast, which explores all kinds of ideas and problems with society and people as a whole. It’s great content and it’s well produced so I think you should check it out. It will get you thinking, and that’s always a great thing.

Go exploring, people. Digest media that makes you think and feel.

Day 1: Today, I went to the mall

Today, I went to a mall.

I was bored and searching for something to do or some interesting content to digest, and this search led me to my local mall. I was meandering about like an aimless and discontented soul. Growing tired in the passage of time, my toiling brought me to a common space amid several stores. In this common space, I found rest: a small chair with an unattached cushion that continuously slid down the chair as I perched upon the tip of the seat. Seated, I distracted myself from my surroundings with mindless scrolling through several social media apps. Consumers circled this area, perusing the shops on the perimeter of my safe haven.

I was moving through my Facebook feed with half-hearted flicks of my thumb when LO! A man interrupted me with a business card. He stated quite simply, “If you’re thinking about a haircut, think about me”, and he handed me a business card for his barbershop. Then he walked away.

It’s important to realize I was not alone in this sitting area. There were several other people sitting near me, and yet I was the one he singled out. Is my hair really that offensive that barbers look at me and decide I must be considering shaving my head? It left me offended and certainly not eager to employ his services in regards to my next haircut.

After he left me self-conscious about my hair, I had to consider what the appropriate way to advertise a business devoted solely to physical appearance. Random encounters obviously aren’t the way to go about it. I have to assume they couldn’t afford commercials. Perhaps posted advertisements around the mall? Or leaving business cards around the city? Whatever method they go with should not involve singling out people trying to sit down in a mall in peace.


I really want to invest in this blog, but consistency and content are my most difficult obstacles to circumvent. For that reason, I am going to begin a month of posting every day.

In one month, I want to have accomplished a few things. I want to write better posts, inspire myself to write out organized posts about specific content, and reach a level of authenticity that I cannot seem to find in my actual life. I also want to develop a habit of posting so that I don’t allow a month to pass without updating this blog. The posts will probably be brief, but I think that’s okay as long as I concentrate fully on what I’m saying, rather than how much I’m saying. Tomorrow begins my month-long blogging marathon.

Welcome to my Blogathon.

Middleburg is a place

Middleburg is, in fact, a place. More significantly, it is a place I find myself for two more months. It’s not a great place, but it is a place that has my family so I’m going to be making the most of my time here. I need something to work on though. A project or source of motivation would be great. I’m hoping inspiration strikes soon. Wish me luck.

Life Got Busy

Up in Horsey Heaven, here’s the thing.

You trade your legs for angel’s wings.

And once we’ve all said good-bye,

You take a running leap and learn to fly.

Bye bye Li’l Sebastian

Miss you in the saddest fashion.

Bye bye Li’l Sebastian.

You’re 5000 Candles in the Wind

– Mouse Rat


As per usual, life has gotten in the way of my diligent undertaking, and since I’ve done nothing but work and sleep, I’ve nothing to report about my life. Therefore, I am just going to leave this tribute to a personal hero of mine, Li’l Sebastian.


Viva Sebastian pequeño!