Day 1: Today, I went to the mall

Today, I went to a mall.

I was bored and searching for something to do or some interesting content to digest, and this search led me to my local mall. I was meandering about like an aimless and discontented soul. Growing tired in the passage of time, my toiling brought me to a common space amid several stores. In this common space, I found rest: a small chair with an unattached cushion that continuously slid down the chair as I perched upon the tip of the seat. Seated, I distracted myself from my surroundings with mindless scrolling through several social media apps. Consumers circled this area, perusing the shops on the perimeter of my safe haven.

I was moving through my Facebook feed with half-hearted flicks of my thumb when LO! A man interrupted me with a business card. He stated quite simply, “If you’re thinking about a haircut, think about me”, and he handed me a business card for his barbershop. Then he walked away.

It’s important to realize I was not alone in this sitting area. There were several other people sitting near me, and yet I was the one he singled out. Is my hair really that offensive that barbers look at me and decide I must be considering shaving my head? It left me offended and certainly not eager to employ his services in regards to my next haircut.

After he left me self-conscious about my hair, I had to consider what the appropriate way to advertise a business devoted solely to physical appearance. Random encounters obviously aren’t the way to go about it. I have to assume they couldn’t afford commercials. Perhaps posted advertisements around the mall? Or leaving business cards around the city? Whatever method they go with should not involve singling out people trying to sit down in a mall in peace.


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