BadChristian Media

In my last post, I mentioned the BadChristian Podcast, a podcast produced by Matt Carter and Toby Morell, members of the band of Emery. Joey Svendsen, a pastor and close friend of Matt and Toby, is also a host of the show.

The podcast is not all that BadChristian produces. The BadChristian company is connected to many different creative projects including other podcasts, music production, books, and merchandise. The media company was started to pursue quality Christian music, a rarity in today’s culture, as well as inspiring authentic and open conversations among people, an even more rare phenomenon.

BadChristian matters because it challenges its supporters. Their media frequently oversteps the bounds of what is typically acceptable by society’s standards. It encourages Christians to be open about what’s fucked up in their lives, because no one has their life together and we need to stop pretending we do. Everyone sees through that performance, and it just makes people look stupid.

On more than one occasion, BadChristian changed my mind about a belief I had held closely for my entire life. It has made me analyze what I think about everything from God to church culture to homosexuality to profanity. I have been introduced to dozens of different opinions on dozens of different issues, and I think that’s amazing and important in this day and age.

Everyday, I want to work to keep an open mind and fluid perspective on my life and the people around me. I suggest everyone else do the same. Stay curious.


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