My First Concert

So I missed a couple days because my internet quite inconveniently is down for two weeks. I’m going to post write a couple of posts for the days I’ve missed.

I wanted to share about a concert I’m going to in September. On September 14th, I’m going to be driving to New Orleans for my first concert. It’s kind of a big deal because it’s my favorite band, Emery. If you enjoy good music, you should probably check out this band. I think their genre is post hardcore, but in truth, I don’t care about music genres because good music is good music.

When you box a band off into a specific genre, you restrict what kind of music they’re able to produce. Once they get stuck, they can’t grow as musicians and must make the same type of music or risk losing their listeners. That kind of atmosphere does not breed quality, inspired music.

The members of the band also created the BadChristian podcast, which explores all kinds of ideas and problems with society and people as a whole. It’s great content and it’s well produced so I think you should check it out. It will get you thinking, and that’s always a great thing.

Go exploring, people. Digest media that makes you think and feel.


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