Kevin’s Famous Chili

I have an interesting thing! Today, a friend and I prepared Kevin’s Famous Chili from a recipe handed down by Malones for generations. The recipe we used was compiled on the YouTube cooking channel, Binging with Babish. Naturally, Kevin’s Famous Chili finds its origin in NBC’s popular television show, “The Office”, as the “best thing [Kevin] does”.

After about 8 hours of preparation and another four hours of cooking, the chili was completed with minor modifications to the recipe based on taste and the fact that we aren’t old enough to purchase the lager necessary. The chili was good, but only so. It failed to satisfy in the way I had come to expect from Kevin’s explanation. Undercooking the onions and preparing a garlic paste gave the chili a collection of very strong flavors. We included sweet Italian sausage to give the chili a more intricate taste, but coupled with the brown sugar (of which we probably added too much), the chili had an overwhelming sweet taste. Unfortunately, the sweetness distracted me from the unique flavor of the toasted ancho.

Overall, the dish was a confusing blend of flavors dominated by what was meant to be a mere undertone but became a meddlesome, sweet tyrant. In future attempts, it would be wise to cut back on the complexity of the dish to avoid the catastrophe of several competing flavors.


Here goes nothing….

Hello, information sink known as the Internet. I realize this will just become part of the ever-flowing surge of content that moves through Internet and is buried by the next great surge of content, but I believe having this blog will force me to invest in a project I’ve been meaning to start for months.

This blog will be a recorded history of my attempt to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery with Jon Duckett’s books, HTML&CSS and JavaScript&jQuery. As I progess through the books, I will be implementing what I learn into the blog for practice and design purposes.

On a side note, if I have anything else about which I’d like to write or anything I think is interesting, I won’t hesitate to share it with this blog. I don’t want to pigeonhole this blog, because I’ve no clue what ideas might strike me in the future. So here’s to the future of this blog. May it be interesting or at least entertaining.